OEM Steel Tongue Drum/

Alifero Wholesale/OEM 8 tone 6 inch C tone steel tongue drum


The timbre is melodious, pure and empty.

High-grade steel material, strictly hand-tuned and precisely hand-cut, every p-itch is perfect.

Easy carrying, you can bring the drum with you wherever you go. Perfect for yoga practice, zazen, music therapists, performances, religious activities, etc.You can p-lay it with the included drum mallets or with you hands, and the included note enable beginners to learn and p-lay it more easily.

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1. Mini drum, easy to play, just tap its tongue, especially suitable for children.

2. Use C key (G tone) to play some simple songs with 6 tones, very suitable for beginners.

3. Made of steel peptide alloy material, exquisite corrosion resistance.

4. The surface is painted. With the drum bag, you can take it anywhere.

5. It can be used as a tool for yoga and meditation.


Material: Carbon steel

Size: about 15x15x9cm/5.9x5.9x3.54in

Packing size: about 17.5x17.5x12.5cm/6.9x6.9x4.92in

Net weight: about 600g

Gross weight: about 850g

Color: White, Black, Red, Gold, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Pink

Package List:

1 * Steel Tongue Drum

2 * Drum Mallet

4 * Finger Picks

1 * Note Sticker

1 * Music Book

1 * Cleaning Cloth

1 * Drum Bag

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Alifero Steel Tongue drum


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