Alifero Hot Style 8 Inch 8 Note Tongue Drum

The sound of steel tongue drum is lingering, pure and ethereal. It has strong penetrating power, it is easy to concentrate, and it makes people feel at one with the body and mind, and quickly enters a state of tranquility. It is suitable for beginners who like musical instruments.


1. Professional material: The product is made of professional titanium steel alloy material, the sound is crisp and loud, and the penetrating power is strong.

2. Nice sound: When the instrument is struck, the sound is pleasant to the ear, ethereal and distant, and the drum music is melodious, which makes people quickly immersed in the music and enjoy the fun and tranquility brought by the love of music.

3. Modern musical instrument: The product is suitable for music lovers and beginners to learn, it is a modern musical instrument in the new era, and it is easy to learn.

4. Precise tuning: The thickness of the drum body is standard, and the solid surface is protected by spray paint, which enables precise and professional tuning to eliminate excess resonance.

5. Easy to carry: Steel tongue drum comes with a storage bag, which not only protects the drum body, but also is easy to store and carry.


1. Due to manual measurement, the size may be slightly different. Thank you for your understanding.

2. Due to different light conditions and different monitors, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from real object.

Specifications: 8 inch

Color: Pink / Red / White / Dark Blue / Lake Blue / Dark Silver / Purple / Gold / Dark Brown / Black / Navy Blue / Green (Optional)

Material: Titanium Steel Alloy

Notes: 8 Notes

Item Size: 20.5*20.5*10.5cm / 8.0*8.0*4.1in

Packing Size: 23*22*15.8cm / 9.1*8.7*6.2in

Net Weight: 1200g / 42.3oz

Gross Weight: 1500g / 52.9oz

Package List:

1 * Steel Tongue Drum

2 * Drum Mallet

4 * Finger Picks

1 * Note Sticker

1 * Music Book

1 * Cleaning Cloth

1 * Drum Bag

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Alifero Steel Tongue drum


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