The 10 Best brand Steel Tongue Drums of 2021

If you jump into the melodic aspect of drumming, a great place to start is the steel tongue drum. Perhaps you have played by a busker, seen one in a drum circle or as part of a larger ensemble.

Even if you are a new guy to music, the steel tongue drum is perfect. It sounds beautiful from the first moment you play it and it is very easy to learn. Seriously this kind of music instrument sounds fantastic. The 10 best steel tongue drums are as follows:

1.Meinl Percussion Sonic Energy Steel Drum

2. Pearl Awakening Series Steel Tongue Drum

3.Regis BRANDTongue Drum

4. Lomuty Steel Tongue Drum

5. Idiopan Domina Drum

6.Guda Steel Drum

7.Rav Vast 2 Tongue Drum

8.Zenko Equinox Drum

9.Alifero Top quality Steel Tongue Drum

10.JingWei Brand Top quality Steel Tongue Drum

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Alifero Steel Tongue drum


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